Daily Structure and Other Information

Daily Structure/Misc info: 

Scholars in grades 1-5 are only required to attend 1 live zoom session a day, since they will need more time to work on their coursework and their teachers are teaching all content areas.

6th-12th grade scholars will attend 2 zoom sessions. Breakdown is as follows: 

  • 6th-8th: ELA/SS and Math/SCI
  • 9th-12th: ELA Group 1-all 9th, 10th and OCBA 11th/12th grade retakes. Group 2 -all 11th/12th graders who passed their 10th grade ELA OCBA
  • 9th-12th: Math Group 1: all 9th and 10th and OCBA retakes (Alg. 1 and Geo). Group 2: 11th/12th graders who have passed their math OCBA’s
  • HS Sci and SS will be taught, via ALVS program (Apex teachers).

Enrollment process: completed google form to express interest, receive a personal phone call to explain the structure of the program and determine if it’s a good fit for scholars and family. Registration packet received and the student is officially transferred.

Scholars will come into the bldg (housed at Choffin) for state testing.

Digital learning platforms are HEAVY reading focus and very independent.